Kiehl’s anti-aging product line – Super multi-corrective was launched in Vietnam. The idea approach was to encourage consumers to act any age they wanted to, unafraid of being judged since their skin looked flawless from using Kiehl’s products.

Social media posts featured product benefits and inspired target audiences (urban, 25 – 55 years old) to act any age they wanted to and to let Kiehl’s take care of their skin age.

“The age you feel doesn’t have to match the age you’re given. Kiehl’s Super Multi-Corrective Cream is our #1 anti-aging moisturizer, clinically proven to visibly reduce signs of aging within just two weeks. Look great, feel good, and Act Any Age!”

The Kiehl’s mental age testing app which was a Facebook app that determine what your mental age is by taking a small quiz was built and launched. Along with this app was an online contest which triggered users to find out their mental age and share their picture with hashtag #ActAnyAge #KiehlsSMCC.

The campaign was successful in exceeding KPI and improving social media ROI by 10%