In many Asian countries, and especially in Vietnam, society views women with lighter skin tones as a beauty standard and a sign of social standing. Asian women always obsess with skin whitening methods; however, they are still lack knowledge about healthy skin care. The Vaseline healthy white instant fair campaign was launched in Vietnam to help consumers better understand skin care and skin whitening myths. The goal was to show that other popular treatments such as skin whitening injections, using lemons, or unbranded mixed creams may actually cause damage to the skin, unlike Vaseline’s whitening lotion.

Since Vaseline’s target audience was young females, Vaseline collaborated with Vietnam Idol 2015 winner – singer Trong Hieu and 3 popular beauty bloggers to release a music video sharing the smart whitening body skin care message.

Music video link:

Along with the social media posts to feature product benefits, Vaseline also implemented the “21 days whitening challenge”. The concept was to educate users the right way in whitening their body skin and also show how badly skin whitening injections, using lemons or unbranded mix creams could damage their skin by giving them 21 challenges through 21 days on the Vaseline website.

The length of the challenge was selected because studies show that it takes 21 days to change or build a habit. The goal was for Vaseline to help build safe and smart whitening skin habits for consumers.

With the catchy melody and the hot fame of Trong Hieu Idol at that time, the music video went viral and received excellent feedback from followers. The campaign was also successful in getting more than 10,000 participants in “21 days whitening challenge”.